Making 458x1.5 brass


458x1.5 brass to load dummy rounds to test feeding in a custom rifle.


  • No 458x1.5 brass. Unobtainium.
  • No 458x1.5 die set. Or six months waiting list to have one made.


 .458 WinMag brass is plentiful, and easily obtained. .458 WinMag brass can be used to make .458x1.5 Barnes.

You don't need a dedicated for caliber die set if you can find a 375H&H sizer, and a 45 ACP seating screw that fits in your .458 WinMag seating die. In this case, the threads on a Redding .45 ACP seating stem fit a Pacific Durochrome .458 Win Mag seating die.

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