Reloading the .44 Special for IDPA / SADPA


 Here is load data for .44 Special, using South African Somchem powders, and copper jacketed bullets. Scale used was an RCBS 1500 , chronograph a CED M2.

 If there is a six-shot .44 Special out there that that makes the weight, you can use the SSR factor. A model 29 Smith is heavier, and needs to be in ESR.

 If you choose to duplicate any loads here, or use these loads as a basis for your own, use 10% less powder and work up from there.

 Do not attempt any of this if you have no chronograph to verify bullet velocity.

44 special load data with Somchem powder

The last two strings of MS200 gave visible flash from the cylinder gap, and it seems like there was much more muzzle blast compared to the last two strings of MP200. It's pretty clear the MS200 burns much hotter, with a lot more gas being generated.