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Reloading the 25ACP


I used a Hornady hand prime, a Lee .25 ACP die set and shellholder, and a Lee turret press. I tried two bullets, one is the Hornady 35 grain hollow point, the other 32 grain Impala monolithic.

These were the only two kinds of bullet for .25 ACP I could get. The Hornady bullets were very old stock lying at the back of a shelf, and I don't expect to find them again anywhere.

The Impala are made to order, the supply is on-demand and therefore reliable.

I also have a custom made thread adapter to fit a Hornady powder measure to a Lee Universal powder charge die. In the following pages, where I refer to the thread adapter, it's that part on the bottom right of this picture I'm referring to.

I could probably have used the powder-thru die that comes with the Lee set, with this measure, but I prefer the Universal. The internal threads on the top of the powder-thru and the Universal are the same.

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