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There is a recurring thread on my local shooting forum, comparing the cost of imported rifle powders to the locally manufactured Somchem. The recurring gripe is that the imported powders are so expensive.

On the 4th September 2018, Somchem themselves physically managed to blow up the primary manufacturing facility producing rifle and pistol powders for the local market.

Prior to this, there were sporadic shortages, and inconsistency between sequential batch numbers.

It's now April 2021. Somchem powders have not been generally available for purchase. There was a company press release announcing the resumption of production in July 2021. But this is Africa - they give the month and the year, but not in which parallel universe.

Some people on the forum are waiting for them to resume production, so they can buy the products again. Some, like me, will never use their products again, even if they give it away for free.

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