Getting Ready for PRS

    Some pointers for new shooters to PRS, so you can spend fewer PRS matches not performing so well due to a sub-optimal firing solution, and more time perfecting your shooting technique.

    Because there are multiple elements comprising the firing solution, each element will be covered individually. Problems encountered on the range relating to the firing solution can always be traced back to one of more of these individual elements.

    The first element of the firing solution is the rifle itself. The important parameters of this element are

    • bedding and pillars
    • scope rail
    • screw torque

    Specific off the shelf rifle solutions will have those three parameters pre-set, with no additional work required. When a general hunting rifle, or custom barrelled action is used as basis for PRS, these elements require careful attention.

    It is assumed that the rifle parts are assembled correctly, that the chamber is properly cut, and all the parts are free from defect.

    I mention this, because I have personally seen a high end, factory competition ready rifle with a chamber 20 thousands out of round. Don't assume your rifle is perfect because it's new, or because it was expensive. Check everything, or have it checked for you. It's a small price to pay for what could be months of shooting with a problem you can't identify.