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... or seven steps to happiness from far.

I started out wanting to shoot long range, but I had no-one to mentor me. Watching the content posted by many people, it seemed straightforward - get an accurate rifle with a good scope, find a good load, and use a ballistic calculator. I quickly realised that there is critical information missing, that is not readily available. The various information sources each provide one piece of the puzzle, and some pieces are missing altogether.

This write-up is based on the path I had to follow, and perhaps you can identify with some of the issues, and take something useful from here to apply to your firing solution.

Because there are multiple elements comprising the firing solution, each element will be covered individually. Any problem encountered on the range with the firing solution can always be traced back to one of more of these individual elements.

Paying attention to the following seven points will give you a good basis for achieving repeatable accuracy at long range.

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