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Base Mod


This is the base plate stripped off, ready for modification, which was to open up the decapping station hole to 12mm, and station 4 and 5 to 10mm.


This is the base plate modified. The decapping station hole is 12mm, and station 4 and 5 is 10mm.

Very little material had to be removed, the holes were almost those dimensions, just threaded. The parts I had made were without threads, simplifying things a bit. They will be anchored in place with adhesive.


This is the base plate with the parts fitted. There is a shotshell holder, with a hole through the middle big enough for decapping shotshell primers.

In the picture of the original press, there is what appears to be a small insert at the decapping station, but I figured a proper shellholder would work better.

There are two buttons, with 10mm pins underneath slotting in to the 10mm holes of the base plate. These are to guide the part I've christened "the crimp station hull guide".

In the original picture, there is something similar to one of these buttons visible at station 4.


For want of a proper name, the crimp station hull guide on station 4 for pre-crimp. At station 4, it also resizes the hull brass.

In the original picture of the press, it is visible in the middle of the plate, what I've ended up with looks very similar, because the shape of it is determined by the crimping dies on station 4 and 5.


The crimp station hull guide at station 5.


The part at front right is supposed to be a wad guide, but it doesn't work properly yet, it's missing the thin little fingers that open the hull so the wad can be inserted by the seating rod. This metal part is ridged internally which prevents the wad from coming back out.

I need to figure out a way to modify it to accept a modern part that does that.

At this time, the press is not functional, but I plan to also post a run of some shells through it once I've ironed out some kinks and I have the part dimensions correct.