Case Lube Recipe   Equipment   The Mixture  

How it looks

After the jar settles, there is going to be what looks like white powder at the bottom. I don't know what it is - in my first test I left it in the spray bottle and after application it just left little white dots on the brass, and everything sized just fine. In this run, I decided to exclude it from the final spray for the sake of aesthetics.

Trying to pour the liquid into the spray bottle without raising the sediment proved practically impossible. I used a length of thin tubing left over from the fish tank air-pump to syphon the clear amber liquid from the jar into a spray bottle. Using 1 liter of alchohol, I filled the one 500ml spray bottle, and it looks like around 300ml of liquid still in the jar.

And that's it.

The sizing test with rifle brass went very well, it seems the press is very happy with the lube, and is doing the same work with less force applied. The rifle is happy with the ammo, and did not complain of powder or primer contamination. The spray dries on the case in a few minutes, so you don't have to wipe them down after.

It is rumored that a famous case wax is made almost entirely from lanolin, and some famous brands of case lube spray are a variation on this recipe - some in aerosol format.