Powder Trickler

The trickler is needed to take that charge you just dispensed to within one or two grains, and bring it to the exact charge weight you want.

Spend a little extra here, and buy either the Lyman Brass Smith trickler with the extended tube, or the RCBS powder trickler with the extended tube.

You need something that is not too light, or it will keep falling over on your bench, and you need the extended tube, because you will be trickling the charge to weight directly into the powder pan on your electronic scale.

FYI - did you know that with a powder measure that dispenses to within one or two grains, and a powder trickler, you can work much faster and much more reliably than any electronic powder measure / dispenser / trickler combo on the market. Just do a quick search online for Electronic Powder Dispenser Fixes and Improvements. There are countless suggestions on how to improve these pieces of equipment from varous suppliers, and how they should not be used, positioned, looked at, etc. - which tells you that they work like the priming system on Lee progressive presses. In other words, you're better off using something else.