Powder Scale

Get an electronic powder scale. It is much easier and quicker than any beam scale.

A good, brand name scale with a 500 grain capacity. Top prize is a RCBS Chargemaster scale. A Hornady or Lyman electronic scale is also perfect for the job. Just pick the one you can afford. I allways use my RCBS Chargemaster, and recently I added a cheaper Lyman 1000 XP to my bench, for backup in case the Chargemaster goes on the blink.

I don't recommend a beam scale, for the simple reason that in all my years of reloading, I used mine to weigh maybe 20 charges when I first bought it. I have a RCBS 1010. It's a great quality instrument made by OHAUS. It is slow and cumbersome. I don't use it anymore.

This is the most important item on your reloading bench for reloading rifle cartridges - do not buy cheap rubbish to save money. You will just spend more later when you have to buy the right thing.