Case Priming

Most presses have some priming capability.

Unless your press has a priming system like the Redding Primer Slide system, you're better off using a hand prime tool, like the Lee Hand Prime.

Hornady makes one, RCBS makes one, Franford Arsenal - as do others. The Lee Auto Prime or Ergo Prime are a vast improvement on the older model Lee hand prime, and are equivalent to the Hornady or RCBS products.

The basic priming attachment that comes with most presses, that is a primer punch on a rocker arm, works, but is not as convenient or fast as a hand prime tool.

When you choose your hand prime tool, make sure you also get the right shellholders to fit the hand prime unit, for the calibers you need to prime. These shellholders may or may not be the same ones you use on your press.

This is the Redding Primer Slide on a Redding Boss press, which is beautiful to use.

I don't hand prime anymore, I either use the Redding, above, or the RCBS press mounted priming tool.

To start with, a simple hand-held priming tool will do the job.