These are the basic items. The specific models I have mentioned are also the most cost-effective options. If you are on a budget, buy used equipment, but do not sacrifice quality for your budget. For example, you may find an old Lee O-frame Challenger for a steal, and that is great - use it as a dedicated trim station with your Lee Deluxe Trim, or a dedicated bullet seating station. Case depriming on it is cumbersome and messy, and there are better presses to resize rifle brass with.

With the equipment listed here, all you need is a powder manual, and some guidance from a more experienced reloader to get you started. If you don't have someone you know personally, there are many instructional videos online to show how the basic operations are done.

In time, you may find that your needs and requirements change, and the equipment you have is no longer adequate. By then, you will have enough experience to make a call on what next equipment to acquire.

Till then, you're good to go.

In parting , the decision to reload is always made for one of two reasons :

  • you want to save money on factory ammo
  • you enjoy the hobby
  • If you only use one box or two boxes of hunting ammo per rifle per year, you will not save money by reloading. Reloading is expensive. The cost of the basic equipment alone may never be recovered from reloading 20 or 50 rounds per year.

    If you want to reload because it is a hobby that you enjoy, then it is just an expensive enjoyable hobby. Join the club.