For accuracy, it is necessary to have a consistent load. This can be either factory ammo or reloads.

A consistent load is one that

    • produces the smallest group size, consistently - and
    • has the lowest shot-to-shot velocity variation, consistently

Do your best to get the most consistent load possible, it will give your firing solution the greatest accuracy potential.

Velocity is not of importance, except when you need a particular velocity for a specific bullet BC to reach a specific range. Don't chase velocity for it's own sake.

Ballistic Coefficient has most importance when you need a specific bullet BC at a particular velocity to reach a specific range. The highest BC bullet is not always the best choice. Maximum BC becomes more critical at ELR ranges. Mid to long range loads at a higher velocity with a lighter bullet and slightly lower BC sometimes perform better.

With the platform complete, and a load selected, it is necessary to test the scope.