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Reloading snake shot in a revolver

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Felt wads and lead balls, from muzzleloader supplies. Wads are .45 caliber, balls are .440.

This shot is 2mm diameter.

Wads and balls were bought from Tactical Quarter Master. Delivery was within 3 days of ordering online.

The wads are quite thick, they can be divided into two or three with a craft knife, and still function correctly.

The wad in this picture is half it's thickness as supplied.

Using 8 grains of MP200, with a felt wad on top of the powder to hold it down, and prevent the powder and shot mixing in the case.

The amount of shot is not measured, just put enough in the case so that there is space for the lead ball to be seated. In this case, leaving about 5mm between the level of shot and the case mouth worked fine.

There are just over 90 pellets in each case.

The lead ball is too soft to use a normal bullet seating stem.

When seating the bullet flows into the seating stem cavity and sticks there.

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