- or how to resurrect an old Projector with missing primer tube assembly.

The Hornady Projector. Those who still use them, will never give theirs up. Those who had one working and replaced it with something else, live with nagging regret. Those who could not get theirs working because of a lack of primer parts, and sold it, may read this and weep.

    The precursor to the Hornady Lock-n-Load. Hornady at one time offered an exchange, old press plus cash, for new. This particular one still has the original tube housing and primer spring.

    The Hornady Projector is best suited as a dedicated caliber reloading station. Set it up, tune it, and it runs like a clock. Keep the relevant metal contact points lubed, and it's smooth as silk.

    This is the priming system. Not to say that there is anything wrong with it - it works perfectly when set up correctly. Parts are no longer available from Hornady, and when you find an old pro-jector, the priming parts are invariably missing. On the flip side, those particular parts were all made of metal, and can be re-created with a minor dose of talent and a bit of skill. The Lock-n-Load primer tubes can be used on the Projector, with a bit of tape, which is the primary purpose for this write-up.