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Reloading the .44 Magnum with 300gr CMJ

Using South African Somchem powders, and copper jacketed bullets. Scale used was an RCBS 1500 , chronograph a CED M2.

A practice load for ESR. It's 50% higher than required factor, which seems contradictory to the purpose, but my hunch is that training with higher recoiling ammo in a revolver makes for much better shooting when using ammo for factor.

If you choose to duplicate any loads here, or use these loads as a basis for your own, use 10% less powder and work up from there.

Do not attempt any of this if you have no chronograph to verify bullet velocity.

Caliber Barrel Length Case Primer Powder Bullet Charge AOL Velocity Altitude Temperature IDPA Factor
.44 Magnum 5.5" PMP PMP MP200 300 gr CMJ 8.0 gr 41.6 mm 835 fps 1700 m / 5100 ft - -
Reloads using 160gr lathe-turned Impala Monolithics
.44 Magnum 4.2" PMP PMP MP200 160gr Impala 12.0 gr 40.7 mm 1340 fps 1700 m / 5100 ft - -

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