Moly Coating ABC

    • An illustration of the Lyman method of moly coating, using generic equipment.

      This is the same method, but using alternative components.

        • case media tumbler
        • ceramic media
        • case tumbling media
        • moly
        • acetone
        • steel insert for tumbler
        • acetone draining jug
        • gloves

        The Lyman guide linked to above, contains the intructions on how to use everything, so read that first. The pictures that follow are to illustrate the point, and show the same result without the Lyman Moly kit, basically using what you have with what could be more readily available.

        First prize is to get the Lyman Kit, personally I've never seen one in South Africa.

  • Tumbler

      I have this Smartreloader tumbler, and I use it because the steel insert I bought fits it perfectly.

  • Tumbler Insert

      This is a steel cake mould. You need to shop around and find something that is going to fit inside the tumbler you plan to use. If you can buy the Lyman kit, then you won't look suspicious measuring cake tins in the baking section.

      Perfect fit - the lid of the tumbler fits perfectly over.

  • Moly Powder

      Moly powder - S3 grade from Spanjaard in Johannesburg. This is a 1 kg bucket. You need less than a quarter teaspoon to moly 100 .308 rifle bullets, so this is going to last a very long time.

  • Ceramic Media

      Ceramic media, 3mm balls from Dakot Media in Durban. These are spherical,try get the irregular shape for better coverage in the bullet grooves. You can use a 500 gram packet of 10mm nails in the media to improve coverage.

  • Bullet Cleaning

      Acetone, gloves and a plastic water jug. The bullets go in the acetone bottle, swirl them in the acetone for 10 seconds, then pour bullets and acetone in to the jug. It's then easy separate the bullets from the acetone by emptying the acetone back into it's bottle. Pour the bullets onto a paper towel and wait for them to dry before putting then into the moly.

  • Cleaning Media

      Normal brass cleaning tumbling media, once the coating is done, a few minutes in this removes the excess and leaves a shiny surface.

  • Finished Product

      308 cal 145 grain Frontier Range Master. My ceramic media is spherical, so it can't get into the grooves, so try get small irregular shaped ceramic media.

      105 cal grain Nosler Custom Competition

      308 cal 155 grain Hornady A-Max

      375 cal 300 grainers, on the left PMP soft points, on the right Hornady DGX.