The Hornady Projector is the predecessor of the Hornady Lock-n-Load AP. In some key aspects, the Projector shows better design features than the newer LnL, but it is much more sensitive to the alignment of parts, and that is the subject of this write-up.

      • the primer punch cannot bind from spilled powder, avoiding the parts breakage that follows
      • the steel ejector arm operation is reliable for all calibers
      • the primer tube can be removed from the press with primers in it, and they cannot spill out
      • quick die change system
      • redesigned sub-plate for a case feeder
      • redesiged press frame to mount a case feeder
      • introduced a primer slide system, similar to the Star Progressive patented in 1933
      • changing from large primers to small becomes easy, quick and reliable

    The primer slide system is an improvement on the Projector, because it is quicker and easier to setup. Part of the tuning of the Projector involves correctly aligning the priming parts.

      • the case ejector wire that replaced the ejector arm is tempermental
      • the ejector nub machined into the base plate that replaced the ejector wire wears down relatively quickly, causing the press to bind up on ejection
      • the primer tube cannot be removed from the press without the primers in it dropping out