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There is isue with some shellplates in the smaller semi auto calibers, where the detent balls of the shellplate protrude too far out, and when they engage the holes in the subplate, arrest the shellplate motion suddenly, causing the cases to jerk, and powder to be shaken out.

This is easily rectified with the correct punch, by moving the detent ball assembly a little further from the sub-plate, or cycling the press a little slower.

A progressive hobby press is not designed for speed, it's designed for convenience. If you need ammo in a hurry, either go buy some, or adjust your expectations of a hobby press.

Other than these few issues, there is not much alse to do on the Pro-Jector. It's relatively simple compared to other progressive presses, there is nothing else that needs tinkering with, which makes the press a pleasure to use when it's setup as a dedicated caliber reloading station.

Once it's setup and working, all you need to do is top up primers and powder to crank out ammo.

Last Updated 7 Oct 2023 at 10:17:37