You will need to try this if adjusting the index pawls does not give you results.

These are the gross movement control of the index pawls, so it's necessary to get them into the correct position for the index pawl adjustments to take effect.

On factory presses, these arms were correctly set, and the instructions advised never to change them. On old, reconditioned presses, especially those that were completely disassembled for cleaning, these arms are most likely out of position.

If you completely disassembled yours, or bought one that was previously completely disassembled, and the cycling if off, or jams, these may need to be reset.

Make sure you have the correct size hex driver for this. It must fit tightly into the recessed bolt head, with no play, or you risk stripping the bolt head and it will be impossible to adjust anything.

Because these parts were cast, and hand machined, they are fitted to the press, and differ from press to press. I mention this so that you do not copy the setting on your friend's Projector, and wonder why it still doesn't work.

For gross adjustment after assembly from total disassembly, you can start by setting the arm on your left close to the limit of it's rearward travel. Around 1mm from the limit of travel. Set the arm on your right similarily close to the forward limit of travel.

The index pawl arm on your left controls the shellplate rotation on the downstoke.

The index pawl arm on your right controls the shellplate rotation on the upstroke.

After this, you can try adjusting the index pawls again to get the shellplate rotation correct.