• The Hornady LnL Powder Measure

      Reviewing the Hornady LnL Powder measure, and the features that make it a great addition to the reloader.

      It comes in two configurations, one for the LnL Press, and one without the case activated assembly for desk mounting and manual dispensing. Both configurations are covered here.

      It works equally well as an automatic dispenser for the press, and a manual dispenser stand-alone.

  • Powder Measure Inserts

      The heart of the Hornady powder dispensing system are the powder measure inserts.

      Each measure will be supplied with one insert. It is possible to use the same insert for all your reloading, and recalibrate it every time a new powder type or charge is required.

      A more efficient setup is one insert per powder configuration most commonly used. A powder configuration being a mass in grains per type of powder.

      Note that there are two types of powder measure inserts in the box. On the top left, the inserts have a mushroom shaped ends. On the right, dowel shaped. The first type is more suited to large volumes of powder, such as rifle. This insert can dispense in excess of 100 grains of powder.

      The second type is more suited for smaller volumes such as in pistol reloading, and can easily dispense from a fraction of a grain to around .223 Remington case capacity.

      There is an insert available that can dispense up to 265 grains of powder, used for reloading the .50 BMG.

  • Rotor Assemblies

      You have to change the rotor assembly to use either rifle or pistol inserts. This is a pistol rotor assembly, which you can order seperately if you have a rifle rotor assembly, and vice versa.

  • Changing the Metering Insert - 1

      There's a button on the rotor, that disengages the insert. Empty the powder from the measure before doing this.

  • Changing the Metering Insert - 2

      Press the button in.

  • Changing the Metering Insert - 3

      Take the metering insert out.

  • Changing the Metering Insert - 4

      Put in the required insert. Very usefull for changing from one measure of powder to another, without having to re-calibrate the entire powder dispensing system.

  • Manual Operation

      The same powder measure, without the case-activated assembly, is used as a manual dispenser. Most commonly used for rifle.

  • Changing The Measuring Insert - 1

      Changing the insert is exactly as described previously.

  • Changing The Measuring Insert - 2

      Changing from one measure ...

  • Changing The Measuring Insert - 3

      ... to another.

      The Hornady Powder Measure system is invaluable to the serious reloader. With the case-activated powder drop assembly, it'll fit any press, single or progressive. Pre-set metering inserts deliver precise, repeatable volumes of powder, and are quickly changed, without having to recalibrate for the next caliber. Any type of smokeless powder, from fine ball to large extruded, can be reliably measured. Blackpowder requires the blackpowder version of the powder measure.