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Hein is new to bolt action rifle reloading, and asked me to make suggestions in terms of what equipment to buy. This is my response to Hein, and all other beginner rifle reloaders who are wondering what their equipment layout should look like as a start.

Below you can see what the "ultimate high speed precision reloading setup" looks like, courtesy of Outdoorlife. What they did here is assemble the most expensive items for rifle reloading that money can buy and put them on the same table. This is highly impractical. From all the fantastically complicated and expensive equipment shown on that table, the only items useful to you for your initial reloading setup are the case loading blocks and the digital vernier.

In time, as you progress in your reloading hobby, you may need ot choose to invest in equipment that is even more expensive than what is shown there, but you certainly do not need any of that to get started.

The items are listed are based on my own opinions developed over time on particular model or brand, and how they address the relevant issues you will face as a reloader. Some reloading items have flash, but don't work as well you will need, and are a waste of time.

You will need to buy :

What I do not recommend anybody doing, is going out and buying a reloading kit. If you find one at a steal of a price, by all means take it, but be aware that you may have to

With this list, you can confidently put together what you will need, and if you are on a tight budget, with patience and by looking around, find good quality, good condition second-hand items for a good price.

You have probably been told and / or read, in the printed literature or online, that it is cheap to reload.

That is simply not true.

What is true is that the components to make a single reloaded round may, and usually does, cost much less than a single factory round.

Getting to the point where you can produce reloaded ammo that is as good or better than the best factory ammo takes a lot of time, a financial investment in equipment, and frequent cash outlay for consumables.

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