• Pimp my Range Bag

      The more you shoot, the more you have to carry to the range.

      The more there is to carry, the heavier it becomes.

      The heavier it is, the sooner you realise that you're not so young as you used to be, and walking around the range all day from stage to stage lugging gear over shoulder makes tired old muscles sore.

      I started out with a duffel bag, moved on to a knapsack, then a shopping bag on wheels. The wheeled bag worked ok, but it was a bit flimsy, and the weight of the catridges hauled over rough ground was loosening all the joints on it.

      I needed a robust version of the wheeled bag that

      • could carry all my gear
      • be easy to pull over rough ground
      • double as a chair between stages
      • fit into the trunk of my car

      Here's one way of doing it, and an idea of how to put one together yourself.

  • A Nice Bag to start with

      My favourite bags are actually cases, made here in Johannesburg by Alpine Aluminium. They are very strong, the joints are seamless, and when closed are waterproof. You may have seen them used as gun cases as well.

      The original bag is now modified with sliding draws for easier storage and access.

  • A Frame for the Nice Bag

      The finished frame , with wheels. Frame is made from mild steel, 5mm thick, using 15mm angle-iron.

      Frame modified. Removed the side springs, replaced with one spring each side at the rear. Replaced solid rubber wheels with inftlatable wheelbarrow wheels. With the inflatable wheels, the double spring was not necessary, and travel over sand and gravel is much easier.

      Added a holder for storing bagged rifles, can take 2.

  • Suspension

      A close-up of the original springs. The bolt is 10mm, and the frame was tapped with 10mm threads.

      Modified spring position at rear of frame. Much easier to make, and more robust than the previous version.

  • Removeable Handle

      Handle is also made from mild steel. It hooks into the bottom of the frame, and it's retaining bolt keeps it in place. Removing the bolt allows the handle to detatch, for trunk stowage.

      The retaining bolt. It's a recycled rollerblade wheel bolt.

      Handle bottom kept the same on the modified frame.

  • Rubber Wheels

      Original rubber wheels.

      Replaced with inflatable wheelbarrow wheels.

  • Suspension bar Frame Pivot

      The middle of the suspension bar attached to the frame. 10mm bolt. Frame is tapped.

  • Frame Close-Up

      Frame complete, up closer. There is a rubber tipped support leg on each corner for when the case is used as a chair.

      Modified base.

      Modified to store bagged rifles.

  • The Seat

      The frame holds the box, and the assembly is just the right height to sit on as well. The springs flatten out and the frame rests with the four corner legs on the ground.

      Modified frame and modified box.