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Because of the powder coat, lube grooves are not required, and hence a lube sizer is not necessary.

My requirement of sizing to +0.002 inches meant shopping around.

I could order custom sizers from Lee, but they take several months.

I found what I needed in the Lyman lube sizer dies off Ebay, but I was not going to buy a lube sizer press as I prefer the push-through method of bullet sizing. So I made a lube sizer die holder to be able to use the lube sizer dies in a push-through configuration on a single stage press.

This is just a threaded bar with die body threads, drilled through then lathe turned to accomodate the diameter of the Lyman / RCBS lube sizing dies. It has a step at the top to prevent the die from moving up and out.

The one Lyman sizer I could not get was .418, so I tried to make one using silver steel bar, and it sizes to a shade under .417 right now.

Start with silver steel bar, turned to correct diameter.

Use a reamer to get close to required size.

Use sandpaper to get to final size.

Afterwards, I discovered that NOE make a great push through sizing system using collets, but I already had what I needed and it works.

For 375H&H, I am using the .377 Lyman sizer, and it sizes to .376.

For 416 Ruger, I am using a custom .417 sizer, and it sizes to almost .417.

For 500 Jeffery, I am using the .512 Lyman sizer, and it sizes to .511.

Not exactly +0.002 as I imagined, but proven adequate.

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