There may be a few rough edges that need smoothing, wait till the resin is cured before working on it.

Your Howa Hogue stock is now bedded to your rifle. I do not find it necessary to bed the action as well, as there are aluminium pillars in the stock already.

It takes seven days for Epidermix 372 to reach full strength.

I still have to test this stock, and will revert with feedback after I've used it a few times and at least one PRS shoot.

    Afer applying epoxy to bed the fore-end, do not permit the weight of the barrel to rest on it : make sure there is no load whatsoever on the fore-end while the epoxy is wet. Support the rifle barrel without the fore-end taking the weight of the barrel, while the Epidermix dries. The fore-end is still slightly flexible, and the weight of the barrel if the rifle is supported under the fore-end will cause additional epoxy to be expelled from the sides, leaving a thin gap when dry and the rifle is picked up. Taking care of this will prevent any vertical movement when the fore-end is relieved of the barrel weight.

    If you support the front of the rifle by the barrel when the Epidermix is wet, it will ensure that the barrel channel is a perfect fit to the barrel, and when dry, there will be no vertical movement at all.