At this point, the decapping pin won't clear the case mouth or exit through the drilled hole. I was tempted to use pliers on it, but I decided to take a bit more time and avoid nasty marks on the decapping pin.

    The case rim was damaged, and would not slide into the shell-holder. Some sandpaper and a rub to flatten it out.

    I re-assembled the die, now the case is in the die not because it's stuck to the die wall but because I want to use the press to pull the case clear of the decapping pin.

    Using the press to separate the case and decapping pin. Offset the shell-holder till the case contacts on the upstroke.

    This is step is only for a single stage press.

    Slide the shell-holder to hold the case.

    A sight for sore eyes. Everything back to the way it was minus one useable case. No die spares necessary. Need to put a big sticker on the press, "Have you lubed your cases lately" .