Additionally to the rifle scope, you may need to have a rail or mounts fitted [ or re-fitted ] to the rifle, and you will need rings for the scope. That is an extra cost you need to budget for as well.

Avoid cheap rings, they are cheap for a reason, and that's not a reason you want to explore at your own expense. See what others use successfully for their scope with the same tube as yours, and follow their example.

Same applies to scope bases and rails.

First Considerations :

  • Decide what your budget is. Have a clear idea in your mind of how much you are prepared to spend.
  • Decide on what you're using the scope for. All scopes are not suitable for every purpose, no matter how much you pay for them.
  • Decide on the range the scope will be used. The scope needs to be functional at the range you need.
  • Will you be using the scope under adverse conditions : will it be cold, freezing, hot, humid, raining, dusty or any of the above.
  • Will you be handling the scope often, with the probability of it taking the occasional knock.
  • Will you need to frequently adjust the range, ie : will you dial elevation or use holdover.