My initial reaction on identifying this problem was disappointment. Disappointment because I always recommend Hornady reloading equipment to prospective reloaders, to whom I can show that Hornady is the most efficient progressive reloading platform when considering

  • reliable and safe function
  • the Lock-n-Load bushing system
  • the Hornady powder measure insert system
  • the quick change priming system
  • overall equipment cost for reloading multiple calibers

However, these small problems aside, the above still holds true, and I could not replace my Hornady equipment with any other brand press, and still maintain the efficiencies listed above.

I do understand that nothing can last forever, and any brand of reloading press is going to have parts that just plain wear out.

You can increase the product quality and durability very easily and at minimal cost by making two small changes to the press design.

  • Make the ejector thicker and replaceable, from a material harder than the sub-plate.
  • Add a high-carbon steel button insert to the frame below the primer punch.

These small changes will greatly extend the period of smooth and trouble-free operation of the press, and should result in overall cost saving to Hornady by reducing the need to ship out large parts under guarantee that are expensive to manufacture.

Both enhancements will be invaluable to the high-volume reloader, and worth paying for as an existing press upgrade.